Honeywell Vista-128FBP

Honeywell Vista-128FBP

One of the most popular security system choices of business owners is the Honeywell Vista-128FBP. This system is known for amazing features that can be customized to the user’s specific needs. Continue to find out if the Honeywell Vista-128FBP is the right choice for your home or business.

Enjoy multiple layers of protection with the Honeywell Vista-128FBP system. With this choice of security system you’ll be protected from burglary, fire, and other emergencies. With highly intelligent special features, you can rest assured that your entire home or business will be armed and ready. This system can handle 128 zones, 150 user codes, and can store up to 512 event logs for you to view now or later.

Honeywell Vista-128FBP

With your new security system, you’ll be given everything you need to succeed, including: a keypad to fully control your system, perimeter protectors, and smoke and combustion detectors.

Every square inch of your property will be protected with 128 zones of protection. Sensing devices can be placed at all entries and exits, including windows. Instead of having one, large area, you can divide your property into smaller sections, so that if something happens, your system can effectively communicate where the problem occurred. For even more ease of use, assign alarms to specific events. When a trigger event happens, you’ll be able to easily know the type of event right from the alarm. On your display keypad you can see a full list of what event occurred and where it happened. Event triggers include, but are not limited to: window breaks, fires, and entries and exits.

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Using the Honeywell Vista-128FBP system is easy. Enjoy four different burglary modes, including: stay, away, instant, and maximum. With these easily selected modes, you’ll be able to quickly select the mode that best fits your activity for the day. These modes decide which sensors are activated and let you know when doors or windows are opened and closed.

Is the Honeywell Vista-128FBP system the right choice for you? If so, contact us to request a free estimate. Want more options? Learn about our other popular commercial security choice, the Honeywell Vista 20P.