Each access control system is unique. With the NetAXS-123 system you’ll gain control over the entries and exists in your building. Give employees access to the areas of the building that are important to their responsibilities, and have control over which areas of the property customers can enters. Even allow the delivery man immediate access to drop off a package, when you’re not at the building.

Choose an access control system that will grow with you. Save money now by purchasing the NetAXS-123 system, and as your business expands you’ll be able to easily add on additional services and products to get the coverage that you need. This system can easily integrate with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK and MAXPRO Cloud softwares, to provides you with even more coverage!

With the NetAXS-123 system you won’t need a dedicated computer to run the system. Manage your system anytime, anywhere with simple internet connection. That means that you can use it from any computer! And because the training is all online, you can learn at your own pace, when it is convenient for you.


This system has many amazing functions. Here are a few of the functions that you can enjoy with the NetAXS-123 access control system:

  • Manage your employee’s access to areas of the business
  • Manage sites remotely
  • Train entirely online
  • Pull reports with ease. This is perfect for compliance requirements.
  • Secure doors with a click of a button

Installation is a snap with the NetAXS-123 system. This system is easily integrated with your current system, meaning that they can work together instead of against each other, for more robust coverage for your business. With this system you’ll no longer have to worry about costly trips to your commercial property to give access to employees who forgot their keys. Simply use your smart device to login with our app and adjust the system with a click.

To bring video functionality to your system, ask us about our video add-on kit. View live and recorded video without a NVR or DVR.

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