ProdataKey Smart Access Control

Control the entries and exits to your business with the ProdataKey Smart Access Control system. This popular choice by business owners removes the need for time-consuming door monitoring and streamlines your responsibility over restricted areas.

If you want a smaller and smarter option than many other access control systems, look no further. This system provides a substantial size difference provides its users with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

ProdataKey Smart Access Control single

Special Features

  • Direct connections
  • Pro-wireless network
  • Built-in power supply
  • Battery backup
  • State storage can hold years of data
  • Remote connectivity with any web interface
  • Auto-backed data
  • Controls hundreds of doors

This system uses high-speed connection to work with door controllers. What that means for you is the quickest connection back to the control panel, through a pro-wireless network, or direct communication. Each connection type will work with ProdataKey Smart Access Control system so there isn’t need for integration.

You’ll love how compact each single door controller is. Each contains a high or low voltage input power supply that can be mounted virtually anywhere. This eliminately access wires throughout your building and creates a sleek look. Each controller can control eight doors, or if a second eight door controller is added, you can connect sixteen doors on up to twenty different floors.

Owners of this system will enjoy years of event storage, battery backup, and auto-backup for data. This system can be serviced and monitored remotely. If there’s internet connection, your system can be fixed. This is perfect for the traveling business owners.

ProdataKey Smart Access Control

To get started using the ProdataKey Smart Access Control system, click here. A trained professional will contact you soon to discuss your needs and wants for your new system. With over twenty years of experience, we are highly versed in what can be done to help you reach all of your goals.