Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect 2.0

The Total Connect 2.0 system is the ultimate choice in home and business automation and security. Customers choose this system because of its ease of use and amazing features. To find out if Total Connect 2.0 is the solution for you, just keep reading.

Total Connect 2.0

Smart Device Power

Imagine having the power to lock your front door right from your cell phone, now you can! This system is called Total Connect 2.0 because it completely automates your home. Protect your home from burglars and enjoy the carefree lifestyle of doing everything from your phone. Now you can turn the lights on and off, lock your front door, and view video from your security system, right on your phone.

Special Features Customers Love

  • Connect up to 100 locations to one account
  • Track assets and vehicles easily
  • Can be used with Apple watch
  • Use touch ID to login from your iOS device
  • Verification for video alarms
  • View your video from any smart device
  • Smart scenes with Wizard
  • Interactive security
  • With SkyBell video doorbell always know who is knocking
  • August smart lock from your doors
  • Intuitive interface is easy to use.

GPS Tracking

Know where your items are, at all times, with the GPS vehicle and asset tracking with Total Connect 2.0. Use your smart phone, or any smart device to get real-time updates to the movements of cars and assets. This is a great way to keep tabs on teenage or elderly drivers. Additionally, this can help you recover lost or stolen vehicles. For an even more convenient option, receive texts or emails when vehicles exceed speed limits or cross predetermined geographic boundaries.

A Voice For Everyone

Total Connect 2.0 provides a solution for everyone with multiple languages for you to choose from. Choose between English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, and French Canadian.

If you’d like a free estimate and consultation about using the Total Connect 2.0 system, contact us. Our helpful staff will answer all your questions and make personalized recommendations about the best option for your needs.