Tuxedo Touch

Tuxedo Touch

A popular choice for busy parents, the Tuxedo Touch security system is loved for its “hands free” functions and total customizability. With this system you’ll save valuable time and completely protect your home.

Ease of Use

Why choose a complicated security system that you have to train yourself just to use? The Tuxedo Touch is highly intuitive and easy to learn. Many customers say they knew how to use many of the functions the first time they saw it. Whether it’s controlling your security, home functions, viewing and recording video, or using voice commands, you’ll love the functionality the Tuxedo Touch system provides.

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

Voice Control

Customer’s love the hands-free option that Tuxedo Touch provides. Built-in voice commands are easy to use and can save you valuable time when you’re running late to work, staying in for the night, or getting your kids ready for the day. Use the term “Wake Up” to raise shades and turn up the temperature. Say “Bedtime” to arm your security system, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and turn down your thermostats. Whatever your lifestyle, Tuxedo Touch can be configured to make it run more smoothly.

Tuxedo Touch

Smart System

Control your system, no matter where you are with your smart server or smart phone. Use your smartphone, PC, tablet, or other mobile device to receive important alerts and know about the important events that are occurring in and around your home. And with the app, all icons look and operate like they do on your controller, so you’ll easily be able to find the function that you need. With a built-in web server you’ll be able to control your system through your smartphone, web-enabled TV, or compatible mobile device.

Tuxedo Touch Locks

Many of your home’s functions can be automated with the Tuxedo Touch system, including locks, heating, cooling, and lighting in your home. Lock and unlock doors right from Tuxedo Touch and disarm your security system right through the keypad on your lock.

tuxedo touch heating and cooling

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